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HempWorx CBD Oil & Pet Treats
HempWorx Pet CBD oil & Pet Treats is a healthy option for your loved pet. A healthy pet is a happy pet! HempWorx DirectlyHemp's mission is to bring what we believe is a miracle plant back to the rest of the world for humans and pets. 
HempWorx offers a delicious 250mg Bacon-Flavored CBD oil specifically designed for your pets. Our premium oils contain 5mg of CBD per serving. Now you have something for your furry pets. 
HempWorx Dog Treats with naturally occuring cannabinoids provides essential nutrition that your dogs crave. We make our treats the old fashioned way. Using all locally sourced ingredients, we carefully made treats for your furry friend that contain NO wheat, NO corn, NO soy, NO added sugars, NO salt, NO artificial preservatives, NO glycerins, NO waxes, or hydrogenated oils. Then, we oven bake them to perfection!

HempWorx believe that by providing the highest quality CBD products on the market, we can help millions of humans and pets around the world! Our CBD products for pets utilize the full spectrum plant or the "whole" plant from our organic hemp farms in America.


HempWorx CBD Pet Oil & Treats Labels

hempworx cbd pet oil label
hempworx cbd Labels_Dog Treats
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