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Independent third party lab test results below show that HempWorx Oil is amongst the most pure and complete CBD Oils available on the market. Both Customers and Affiliates have 100% transparency with us. All product batches are sent out for Third Party Testing prior to picking, packing or shipping any product to an end user. Product you can count on is a HempWorx commitment to Customers and Affiliates. 

hempworx we test cbd

Why We Test

Jenna and Josh Zwagil started HempWorx with a single goal in mind: to provide CBD products that can be relied on to help people feel better. We're committed to offering great purity, potency, and consistency to our affiliates and clients.

Our high quality standards distinguish us as the industry's leading CBD brand. From the farmers to the bottlers and beyond, we carefully choose our partners and extensively test each product to assure the greatest level of quality.

All of our tests are available on our website, and our products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee even if the bottle is empty.

How We Test

The International Organization for Standardization, or ISO 17025, is the only sort of testing that is widely regarded as the industry standard. To assure accuracy, precision, and quality, HempWorx CBD products use third-party ISO 17025 certified labs for analytical chemistry. Customers may be confident that every HempWorx product is exactly what it claims to be.

Our third-party lab partners use the most up-to-date technology and methods. This ensures that cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticides, heavy metals, and microbiological contaminants are all accurately analyzed. Everything must pass testing on both the raw ingredients and the finished product before it reaches our clients.

Hempworx how cbd is tested for quality
hempworx quality control for cbd

Quality Control

All of our goods are extensively tested by ISO 17025-certified third-party labs, but that's only the beginning. Our dedication to quality extends well beyond our laboratory partners.

Finding farms, distributors, and manufacturing partners who share our passion is the first step in the quality control process. Before we authorize anyone, we thoroughly examine them, reviewing their sourcing, formulas, ingredient philosophy, and even their own quality control processes.

We inspect our products at our warehouse in addition to testing them in labs. Before reaching our customers, color, consistency, aroma, flavor, and even the label must exceed our industry-leading standards. Our products are also examined for proper storage, and each order is double-checked before being shipped.

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Our Commiotment to quality and testing

We believe that our testing procedures should be as transparent as our CBD oil, so we're happy to offer our quality assurance. Before reaching clients, each batch is tested by a third party, ensuring that every drop of CBD you receive is pure.

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